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Elden Ring Limgrave Map Fragment Locations (East & West)

Elden Ring Limgrave Map Fragments

Elden Ring Limgrave Map Fragment Locations (East & West)

When you first start up Elden Ring, you’ll notice the map is a little on the sparse side? It does the job, but is incredibly basic. Well, as it turns out that’s not the true look of the map. This guide will get you to where you need to be to find the Limgrave map fragments in Elden Ring.

All Elden Ring Limgrave Map Fragment Locations

Limgrave is the first area you find yourself in after leaving the starting area in Elden Ring. You won’t have to do too much searching as there are only two Limgrave Map Fragments waiting to be found, one on the eastern side and one to the west. While there are treacherous enemies between the two map fragments, Torrent will easily be able to whisk you between the two with minimal damage.

Limgrave West Map Fragment Location

The west Limgrave Map Fragment will be the first one you can find. It is just about a straight shot from the Church of Elleh Site of Grace. You’ll want to keep on the path North from the Church of Elleh, until you reach some ruins full of knight enemies called Gatefront Ruins. This is also where you’ll get the Iron Whetstone item.

Limgrave Map Fragment West Road

From the spot on the map you’ll be able to clearly see the tall monument.

In the image above, you can see the monument directly above the character’s head. This will be where you need to get to. Depending on your skill level, you might just need to rush up and grab it as there are plenty of enemies and one that patrols right in front of the monument will summon all nearby enemies if not eliminated fast enough.

Once the Limgrave Map Fragment is collected, you will see this screen and your map will update into a much more detailed and visually pleasing version for this area.

Limgrave Map Fragment West Found

With the West Limgrave Map Fragment sorted, now we begin our path to the East.

Limgrave East Map Fragment Location

From the Map Fragment you just collected, head east along that road. You’ll find the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace ahead on the left before a bridge being patrolled by a knight on a black horse. At the Site of Grace will be when you want to exclusively use Torrent to travel to the East Limgrave Map Fragment.

After the bridge take a left and continue to follow that trail. After a bridge with an NPC calling out you’ll get to the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace. Head south out of here and follow the road, jumping over the fallen ruin. On your left will be a bear that may or may not start a fight with you, but it is just one bear and shouldn’t be too hard.

A little ahead of that bear on the right will be a much larger bear absolutely going to town on a tree, the Limgrave Map Fragment will be on the other side of the road from that.

Limgrave Map Fragment East Zoomed Out

If you want a closer look on roughly where you’ll be on the map:

elden ring limgrave map fragment locations

Unlike the previous bear, the massive one who hates that tree with a white-hot passion won’t engage with you unless you attack it or get way too close, so you shouldn’t have any problem walking up to the map fragment. You should be just about here, and you can clearly see the monument on the left.

Once you have collected it, you should certainly be seeing this screen:

There you have it, fellow Tarnished, everything you need to fixing up your map with the East and West Limgrave Map Fragments in Elden Ring.

If you’re looking for more guides to help you with your journey through the Lands Between, then you should head on over to our Elden Ring Guide Wiki. If you’re just booting up the game, we have a boss list so you can figure out how many massive fights you can expect.

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