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Top 6 Most Anticipated Games of 2022

most anticipated 2022

Top 6 Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Another year brings with it another exciting line-up of new games to look forward to. As part of Twinfinite’s annual award season, the staff has voted for its six most anticipated games of 2022. These are the landmark titles we think will define what is shaping up to be the first really big year of this most recent console generation.

Most Anticipated Games of 2022

6. Starfield

most anticipated 2022

Editor-in-Chief Ed McGlone: Depending on who you ask, Starfield might seem low on our list, or they might feel it’s too high. Personally, I think just being on a list of most anticipated games is just the right spot.

It’s being developed by Bethesda, so that alone means you have to be hyped for it at least a little bit, as long as you’re into open-world RPG games. Bethesda has earned its reputation for being one of the most prolific creators in that space.

The reason it’s hard to justify it being any higher on this list is, well, despite there being a good chance it will release this year, we still know so very little about Starfield. We know it will take place in space. We’ve seen a few trailers teasing that now at this point. You’ll have the freedom to explore the stars as you see fit. And… that’s just about it.

Now that Microsoft is technically running things over at Bethesda, maybe some of the execs over at Microsoft can help grease a few wheels and get Bethesda to spill the beans sooner rather than later.

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