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20 Best Subnautica Mods You Can’t Play Without (2022)


20 Best Subnautica Mods You Can’t Play Without (2022)

Subnautica is a great game which allows players to explore an underwater world filled with dangerous beasts and tantalizing secrets. And while the game is undoubtedly fun to play, there are mods available that make it even better. Here are the best Subnautica mods in 2022 you can’t live without.

More Quickslots

Best Subnautica Mods

best subnautica mods

You get a lot of freedom and options to do as you wish in Subnautica. It’s strange, then, that the game only gives you six quickslots to play with, especially when you can gather close to 10 usable tools.

This mod allows you to increase the number of quickslots up to a much more useful 12, each with a hotkey label to make it easier to distinguish from the rest.

It’s a relatively small change but seriously frees up the time you’d usually spend searching for an item and it is definitely one of the best Subnautica mods.

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