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FFXIV Endwalker: Sage Rotation Guide for Beginners

endwalker sage rotation

FFXIV Endwalker: Sage Rotation Guide for Beginners

Endwalker is the fourth and latest expansion to be released for Final Fantasy XIV, and it also marks the final chapter in the long running story arc that’s been going on since 1.0 and A Realm Reborn. There are tons of new dungeons and raids for players to tackle, as well as a couple of new jobs to try out: Sage and Reaper. Here’s a Sage rotation guide for beginners who are just getting started with it in FFXIV Endwalker.

FFXIV Endwalker Sage Rotation Guide

Like all expansion jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, Sage looks extremely daunting and intimidating at first glance because you’re starting at a higher level and you’re immediately given a ton of different actions to work with from the get-go. Before we get into the rotation, let’s take a look at some of the core systems of the job.

Kardia: Use this on a party member to give them the Kardion effect. You’ll usually want to put this on your tank, and the effect allows them to regain a little bit of health as you’re dealing damage.

Eukrasia: Use this to unlock ‘enhanced’ versions of your various skills and actions. For instance, Eukrasian Prognosis lets you cast a shield on your entire party, while Eukrasian Dosis converts your basic attack into a DoT that you can apply on enemies.

Addersgall: You gain a stack of Addersgall every 20 seconds, and you can use them to cast healing spells that also help with restoring a bit of your MP.

Addersting: You gain Addersting whenever a barrier you apply has expired, and this will allow you to use Toxikon.

Single-Target Rotation

When you’re up against bosses or single targets in FFXIV Endwalker, your rotation should look something like this:

Eukrasian Dosis -> Dosis

Like all healing classes in the game, your DPS rotation for Sage is very simple. Eukrasian Dosis applies a DoT effect on your foe, which you should keep up at all times, and you can simply follow up by repeatedly casting Dosis for continuous damage. Phlegma is an oGCD damage spell that you should use whenever the cooldown is up, along with Toxikon, which becomes available when you gain Addersting. Work those two skills into your rotation, and you have your single-target DPS rotation.

AoE Rotation

While in dungeons, you’ll deal with large groups of enemies and you’ll need to be able to hit all of them at once, which is where your AoE DPS rotation comes in.

Eukrasian Dosis -> Dyskrasia

Eukrasian Dosis isn’t strictly necessary here if you’re dealing with very large groups, but you’ll definitely want to make use of Dyskrasia as much as possible as that’s your main AoE spell. Just like in your single-target rotation, you need to work Phlegma and Toxikon in there as well.

However, you’re a healer, which means that you also need to be aware of your party’s health while you’re DPS-ing.

Healing Rotation – FFXIV Endwalker Sage Rotation Guide

Your basic GCD healing spells are Diagnosis (single-target) and Prognosis (group-wide). These should be used as little as possible, as you’ll want to rely on your Addergall and oGCD skills so that you can keep your DPS up.

Before your tank pulls the boss or group, here’s what you want to open with:

Eukrasian Prognosis -> Eukrasian Diagnosis

This gives your party a shield, as well as an extra shield on top of that for your tank. This will give everyone a good bit of protection when the fight starts, allowing you to focus on DPS-ing.

Listed below are all of the skills and combinations you can use to help with mitigating incoming damage:

  • Kerachole -> Physis: Group-wide damage mitigation, followed by an oGCD group-wide heal.
  • Panhaima/Haima: Panhaima is a group-wide shield, while Haima is single-target. Use either one as necessary.
  • Holo: Instant oGCD group-wide heal that also offers some damage mitigation.
  • Eukrasian Prognosis -> Pepsis: Eukrasian Prognosis applies shields to your entire party, and you can follow up with Pepsis to strip all shields in exchange for big burst healing.
  • Taurochole: Single-target healing that also provides mitigation, takes up 1 Addersgall.
  • Druochole: Slightly weaker single-target healing, no mitagation, and takes up 1 Addersgall.

We recommend getting familiar with all your different skills and read their tool tips so you can instinctively activate them when you need to in battle. Knowing what every spell does is key to mastering any healing class, and the same applies to Sage. Use your oGCD healing spells as often as you can, and only use your GCD ones as last resorts or in emergencies.

That does it for our Sage rotation guide for FFXIV Endwalker. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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