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Halo Infinite: All Achievements List

achievement list halo infinite

Halo Infinite: All Achievements List

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has pulled off a surprise launch ahead of the campaign’s December release date and announced a slew of other entertainment-related surprises. Whether you’re sticking with the game’s multiplayer, focusing only on the campaign, or doing a bit of both, achievements will be coming at you hot and heavy. This is because Halo Infinite has a whopping 119 for you to collect across all its game modes. In this guide, we’ll list all 119 achievements that you can get in Halo Infinite and how to get them.

Halo Infinite has a boatload of achievements that are spread out across all of its game modes worth 1600 Gamerscore points. It’s a heavy amount. Below is the full list of achievements via the game’s Steam Community page. Note that the sources of every achievement haven’t been discovered yet and some of them are secret. While the achievement titles aren’t terribly spoilery, if you’re worried about being spoiled at all, just avoid this list for now.

Without further ado, here’s the full achievements list in Halo Infinite. Note: Campaign achievements are currently unobtainable and left blank. When the campaign comes out, we’ll update this list with the full descriptions.

All Achievements List – Halo Infinite

  1. Clocking In – Complete a Daily Challenge.
  2. We Have a Job For You – Complete a Weekly Challenge.
  3. I’m Ready, How ‘Bout You? – Change your Spartan’s look in the Customize menu.
  4. Peak Performance – Earn 2,000 score in a matchmade game.
  5. Passion for Fashion – Wear a new armor customization item.
  6. Humble Beginnings – Complete one level in a Battle Pass.
  7. Which One of Us is the Machine? – Get and equip a new AI.
  8. Reporting for Duty – Change your Spartan Tag.
  9. “Need a Weapon?” – Try out a new weapon customization item.
  10. You’re Up, Rook’ – Play a Ranked Match.
  11. That Thing on the Left is the Brake – Test drive a new vehicle customization.
  12. Brutality – Kill an enemy with melee using a bladed weapon in a matchmade game.
  13. Just the Two of Us – Access your Personal AI.
  14. Slaying with Style – Earn a Mythic Medal in a matchmade game.
  15. Doing Your Part – Complete the Tutorial.
  16. Peeker’s Disadvantage – “Back Smack” an enemy who is zoomed in with a scoped weapon in a matchmade game.
  17. Running Laps – Capture the flag twice in a matchmade Capture the Flag game.
  18. Customary – Play a custom game.
  19. They See Me Rollin’ – Spectate an ally that is driving a Warthog or Razorback in a matchmade game.
  20. Control Freak – Assist in capturing all zones that lead to a score in a matchmade Total Control game.
  21. Sharpshooter – Complete a Weapon Drill.
  22. Getting Strong Now – Launch into Training Mode for the first time.
  23. Kebab – Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Skewer in a matchmade game.
  24. Back to the Chopper – Earn “Splatter” with a Brute Chopper in a matchmade game.
  25. Deadeye – Earn 3 stars in a Weapon Drill.
  26. Multi-class Racer – Drive 4 unique vehicles in a matchmade game.
  27. All About the Grind – Finished Ranked Placement Matches.
  28. Natural Formation Location Sensation – Gain access to a loot cave in a matchmade game.
  29. A Fellow of Infinite Jest – Kill three enemies with the ball in a matchmade Oddball game.
  30. Bomb Returned – Repel an enemy grenade with the Repulsor in a matchmade game.
  31. Sparring Partners – Change any training mode option.
  32. Zone Ranger – Secure 5 zones in a matchmade Strongholds game.
  33. Augmented – Earn 3 stars in 5 Tier 3 Weapon Drills.
  34. Sick Burn – Kill an enemy with the Ravager’s charged shot in a matchmade game.
  35. Get the Popcorn – View a clip in theater.
  36. New Kid on the Block – Earn “Perfect” with a VK78 Commando in a matchmade game.
  37. Working Remote – Pick up a weapon using the Grappleshot in a matchmade game.
  38. Straight to the Bank – Deposit 5 Power Seeds in a matchmade Stockpile game.
  39. Enemies Everywhere! – Mark 3+ enemies at once in a matchmade game.
  40. Do You Even Gift? – Drop a Power Weapon for an ally in a matchmade game.
  41. Secret Stash – Place an item in the Razorback’s storage in a matchmade game.
  42. Watt Say You? – Earn “Chain Reaction” with a Shock Rifle in a matchmade game.
  43. Make a Little More Noise – Grab a power weapon from the Tutorial armory.
  44. Skyhook Shot – “Grapplejack” an enemy flying vehicle in a matchmade game.
  45. One Shot, Top Mid – Mark an enemy located at “Top Mid” in a matchmade game.
  46. Party Bus – Earn “Mount Up” in a Razorback in a matchmade game.
  47. Greased Lightning
  48. Wars with Friends
  49. Whip-Riding the Ghost
  50. Wait, I Can Throw Those?
  51. Bring Shiela Home Safely
  52. Takes One to Make One
  53. All-Seeing I
  54. Wanna Have a Catch?
  55. A True Test of Legends
  56. MEDIC! – Revive 3 allies in a matchmade Elimination round.
  57. Battle Tested – Complete a Battle Pass.
  58. Limited Addition – Complete a Limited Time Challenge.
  59. Run Rabbit, Run
  60. First Contact
  61. Together. Again?
  62. Legends
  63. Outpost Discovery
  64. Big Brother
  65. Impervious
  66. Thrusters On Full
  67. Visionary
  68. Grab Some Cover
  69. Evasive Maneuvers
  70. Headmaster
  71. Fight Hard, Die Well
  72. Bare Your Fangs
  73. Set a Fire in Your Heart
  74. Too Many Goodbyes
  75. Reckoning
  76. Reclaimer
  77. Together. Again.
  78. Hear These Words!
  79. What Will It Take?
  80. Light the Way
  81. Brothers Grim
  82. One Down…
  83. Pelican Down
  84. Hunter. Killer.
  85. Unearthed
  86. Fallen
  87. Zeta
  88. Ascension
  89. Bunker Buster
  90. Resurgency
  91. Those Wonderful Toys
  92. Reaching Out
  93. Nosebleed
  94. Passing the Gas
  95. Forza Veloce
  96. Gun Runner
  97. Off the Air
  98. Please Shut Up
  99. Catacomb
  100. Headstrong
  101. Haruspis
  102. Eld Aficionado
  103. Armory Amore
  104. Money in the Bank
  105. Getting Defensive
  106. Who is Max Valor?
  107. Mjolnir Master
  108. Hidden Experience
  109. Rubicon Protocol
  110. Infinity Down
  111. Know Your Enemy
  112. Two Sides to Every Story
  113. Canon Collector
  114. Dispatches From the Front
  115. Bloodstars’ Bane
  116. Headhunter
  117. No One Left Behind
  118. We’re On Our Way
  119. Aegis Fate

That’s all you need to know about the full achievement list for Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC. When we get more information about some of the other achievements that have yet to be claimed, we’ll be sure to update this guide. In the meantime, check out our guide wiki, which is filled with lots of FAQs answers, and tips and tricks, too. And as always, if anything is missing or you’re confused about something, let us know in the comments below.

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