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battlefield 2042 guide wiki
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Battlefield 2042 Guide Wiki

Battlefield 2042 has arrived and it appears to be the anchor for the series in this console generation, at least for the near future. Not only does it bring brand new game modes such as Hazard Zone, and take place in a new setting set in the near future with powerful nopat specialists, but it also has a custom game mode known as Portal where players can mix and match maps, game modes, and weapons from past Battlefield games together to create unique and silly game modes.

That will need to suffice as this will be the first Battlefield game in quite a few years to not feature any sort of story mode at all. All of the game’s modes will be multiplayer competitive. That said, you can set up matches versus the AI if you are a bit nervous about jumping right into the chaos.

This Battlefield 2042 will help get your feet wet as you begin your new, bright and promising career as a mercenary nopat fighting a hopeless war in a dying world. We’ll cover the basics, general information about the game, and some mode-specific guides as well.

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  • Release Date: Nov. 19, 2021
  • DeveloperEA Dice
  • Publisher: EA
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

General Info

The Basics

Hazard Zone & Portal

We’ll be updating our wiki with more guides and handy tips as we play, so be sure to check back soon.

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