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Riders Republic Max Level Guide: What the Level Cap Is, How to Reach it Fast & All Rewards


Riders Republic Max Level Guide: What the Level Cap Is, How to Reach it Fast & All Rewards

There’s an absolute ton of activities to take on in the world of Riders Republic. Whether it’s downhill biking or snowboarding that scratches your extreme sports itch, you’ll find more than enough of it here. All of these events help level up your character, unlocking cosmetics and other gear in the process. But some players may be wondering exactly what the Riders Republic max level cap is.

What the Max Level Is in Riders Republic

The max level you can reach is Level 22. This requires you to earn 7,000 Stars throughout the entirety of the game.

Riders Republic max level cap

Below this, Level 21 requires 3,500 Stars to reach and will earn you the ‘Legendary Ledge’ title.

You can check your own progress any type by heading to the ‘Progress’ tab from the in-game menu.

What Rewards You Get for Reaching Level 22

For reaching the max level cap in Riders Republic, you’ll be rewarded with the Golden Smoke Pack.

This contains the Golden Smoke Skull mask, an outfit and the Rider’s Ridge Legend title. It’s not a lot, but at least anyone who sees your title or fancy attire will know they’re dealing with a seasoned veteran of the mountains.

How to Reach the Level Cap Fast

The best method we can suggest for reaching Riders Republic’s level cap quickly is to simply explore the map as much as you can, and interact with any of the yellow ‘?’ markers. These can sometimes just lead you to discover a landmark, but everything helps contribute towards your Stars total, which is what determines your overall career rank in Riders Republic.

Other than that, you can always try replaying events you’ve already completed in the hope of claiming any of the Stars up for grabs from completing the three side objectives that each event presents.

These can range from pulling off a certain trick, completing a race within a set time limit, or beating the AI on a set difficulty. The side objectives vary from event to event, so be sure to look back at the events you completed early on as, with your improved Gear and skills, may offer easy Stars to help you level up.

Ultimately, however, because the max level simply requires you to complete everything that Rider’s Ridge has to offer, you’re just going to have to grind out every event anyway.

That’s everything you need to know regarding the Riders Republic max level cap. For more tips, tricks and guides, search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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