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New World: How to Get Sliver of Adderstone

new world sliver of adderstone

New World: How to Get Sliver of Adderstone

Developed and published by Amazon Games, New World is an ambitious pirate-themed MMORPG set in a fantastical world called Aeturnum. While the Corruption is an impending threat that you need to deal with eventually, you can also join factions, go to war with other players to try to claim territory, and you can also spend your days crafting and gathering resources to level up. Here’s how to get Sliver of Adderstone in New World.

Getting Sliver of Adderstone in New World

If you plan on leveling up all your trade skills in New World, you’re going to need a ton of inventory space. While the bags do help with increasing your inventory size, you can enhance them even further with crafting mods, such as the Sliver of Adderstone. This is a rare drop that you can get from mining boulders, so basically, all you have to do is keep using your pickaxe to hit all the grey boulders you see in the open-world.

While it definitely is a grind, at least you can obtain it from the commonly found boulders, and you don’t have to hunt specifically for iron veins or anything like that. To increase your chances of getting the Sliver of Adderstone, try to get the Mining Luck perk on your pickaxe, as well as other luck boosting perks on gear, or even luck trophies to display in your house if you’ve already bought one.

It’ll definitely take some time, but the drop rate for Sliver of Adderstone isn’t too low so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it. Once you have it, you can use it as a crafting mod when crafting your other equipment. This will give you the Deep Pockets perk, which increases your carrying capacity even further, making it pretty useful.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Sliver of Adderstone in New World. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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