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Tales of Arise: How to Get New Artes & Upgrade Them

tales of arise artes

Tales of Arise: How to Get New Artes & Upgrade Them

Artes are special moves that have appeared in combat for every single Tales game to date. You’ll want to add as many artes as possible to your move list as you explore this game’s world. Here’s how to get new artes and upgrade them in Tales of Arise.

How to Get & Upgrade Artres in Tales of Arise

Getting Artes Through Combat

Artes refer to all named moves that can be performed in combat, and they consume the Arte Gauge (AG) when used. New artes will unlock as you level up your characters and continue to use them in battle.

To be more specific, each character has three arte proficiencies that increase as artes of those three types are used in combat. Proficiencies can be checked in the Status section of the menu.

For example, one of Alphen’s proficiencies is Aerial Strikes. This means that whenever he uses artes that strike enemies in mid-air, the proficiency will increase, which leads to learning more aerial artes. Once a proficiency is high enough, use an arte of that type once more and it’ll unlock a new arte.

Getting Artes Through Titles

Titles also appear throughout the Tales Of series, and in this game, they provide Skills that grant new artes and passive buffs for each character in Tales of Arise.

To unlock artes through Titles, you’ll need to earn Skill Points (SP) by winning battles and completing quests. Once you have enough SP, go to the Skill Panel tab of the menu to purchase a new arte or buff from the Titles that you’ve obtained. And if you’re looking to unlock new Titles, we have a guide for that too.

Getting Artes Through Quests

Certain main quests and side quests will automatically add new artes to your collection once you complete them. A pop-up window will appear at the end of certain quests to let you know when a new arte has been learned.

There’s no in-game way of knowing whether or not a new arte will be learned from completing a quest before finishing it. Though, they all provide useful rewards so it’s in your best interest to take on as many as possible.

How to Upgrade Artes

Artes can also be enhanced through repetitive use. Once you’ve used an arte a certain number of times, stars will appear just above the arte’s description in the artes menus. Each arte can be enhanced up to five times, so use your favorite ones as often as possible to upgrade them.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get new artes and upgrade them in Tales of Arise. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and general info on the game if you want more pointers.

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