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New World: How to Get Fish Oil

new world fish oil guide

New World: How to Get Fish Oil

New World Fish Oil is primarily used for Cooking Oil, which requires two Fish Oil and one Nut Oil. You’ll need Cooking Oil if you’re planning on crafting some of the more complicated and beneficial meals in the game. Fancy some Fish and Chips or Pork Belly Fried Rice? Then you’re going to need Cooking Oil. As such, if you don’t know how to get Fish Oil in New World, then you’re going to be a little bit stumped. That’s where this guide comes in to help you out.

It’s worth pointing out that you could always buy some Fish Oil by trading with other players using the boards in settlements, but that’ll cost you gold. It’d also be a waste of your money, especially given how easy it is to get when you know how to.

Getting Fish Oil in New World

To get fish oil, first catch a fish. You can check out our thorough New World Fishing Guide if you need a hand with this.

Once you’ve caught a fish, open your Inventory by pressing ‘Tab’ and then select the fish. Left-click on it and then use the ‘Salvage‘ option.

Every time you salvage a fish, you’ll get a fish filet, but sometimes you’ll also get Fish Oil as a by-product of the process.

new world fish oil

It’s estimated that New World Fish Oil has a 33% drop rate from salvaging fish, so best get fishing!

What Is Fish Oil Used For?

As noted above, Fish Oil is used to make Cooking Oil which, in turn, is used to craft some of the more complicated food dishes in the game.

You’ll want to make use of these, because they can give you additional buffs and bonuses on top of restoring health.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get New World Fish Oil. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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