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FIFA 22 Squad Battles Tips to Help You Get the Best Rewards


FIFA 22 Squad Battles Tips to Help You Get the Best Rewards

In this FIFA 22 Squad Battles Tips guide, we’re going to talk you through a few quick handy tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most points each week you possibly can in the mode to get you the very best rewards you possibly can.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Tips

fifa 22 squad battles tips

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Each week, you’ll be able to play against the Team of the Week Starting XI for that week and play a random ‘Featured Team’ often put together by a footballer or other celebrity.

While these teams almost always have a really high overall rating, they’re not impossible. The Team of the Week team will no doubt have dreadful chemistry, so the team won’t perform very well at all in Squad Battles, as chemistry affects how well AI teams play in the mode.

The ‘Featured Team’ tends to have better chemistry, but use your full-strength side and you might be able to pull out a result.

Whether you win or lose, these two special teams at the very top of the Squad Battles screen will award you with a ton of points just for playing against them. Even more than you’ll get for winning against a normal Squad Battles team 5-0 on some difficulties.

Play them each and every week to get the most out of your weekly Squad Battles rewards.

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