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Deathloop: How to Kill Harriet Easily

how to kill harriet easily

Deathloop: How to Kill Harriet Easily

After you have played through Deathloop’s tutorial and opening sequence you are free to roam Blackreef and take down Visionaries at your leisure. In some cases, you’ll do this several times over in order to acquire their Slab ability and upgrades, as well as farming useful Trinkets and Residuum. Here’s how to kill Harriet easily in Deathloop if you’re looking for a fast and simple way to farm her Nexus slab.

How to Kill Harriet Easily in Deathloop

Harriet is the first Visionary you’re likely to kill in Deathloop, and she’s also the first Visionary you’ll kill even once you’ve worked out how to take out all eight in a single day. Her location in Karls Bay remains the same throughout the game, and so learning how to take her out quickly and quietly will make your life much easier.

Here’s a step by step breakdown of a method that works even without any Slabs, though is much easier and faster with Aether (invisibility) and Shift (teleportation):

how to kill harriet easily

From the tunnels, go right, then jump over the clutter and wall onto the cliffs that run along the shoreline. Take out the two Eternalists with a takedown, then continue forward to the metal bridge. Immediately go right and jump off the cliff and onto the shoreline, then sneak past the Eternalists, using the containers for cover. You can continue around and actually access Hanger 1 via an underground ventilation shaft, or you can just sneak inside, around the Eternalists, and make your way up to the passageway to Hanger 2.

how to kill harriet easily
Underground route to Hanger 1

Incidentally, you can also access Hanger 2 via a similar underground ventilation shaft, but you will need a Trinket that allows you to breathe toxic fumes without taking damage.

how to kill harriet easily
Main entrance to Hanger 2

Whichever route you take into Hanger 2, once you enter, hug the right side and sneak your way past the Eternalists in the midst of Harriet’s ritual, and under the half-opened door.

Once underneath the door, use your double jump to get up to Harriet’s office and behind her. You can easily take down the two Eternalists before Harriet herself. Once she’s down you can exit via a door at the back of the room (requires a button press) or back the way you came; just remember the Eternalists will be alert to your presence. Of course, you can simply wait until her speech is finished and kill her without raising their suspicion.

That’s everything you should need to know about how to kill Harriet easily in Deathloop. For more handy tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s guide wiki.

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