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Deathloop File Size, Preload & Unlock Times for PS5 & PC

deathloop file size preload and unlock times ps5 pc

Deathloop File Size, Preload & Unlock Times for PS5 & PC

Deathloop is coming to PC and PS5 on Sept. 14, giving players the chance to dive into a kill, die, repeat timeloop until they’ve conquered the island of Blackreef and figured out just what’s going on for poor protagonist Colt, who seems just as confused about what’s happening as we are. In this guide, we’ll make sure you’re all set to dive into the loop with everything you need to know about Deathloop preload and unlock times for PS5 and PC, as well as the file size of the game on both platforms.

The good news is that you can preload Deathloop before its official release on Sept. 14 on both PS5 and PC. We’ve got all the details you need to know on this down below.

Deathloop Preload Times on PS5 & PC

Bethesda has announced the preload times for both PS5 and PC.

PS5 players will be able to preload Deathloop 48 hours before the game launches in your region, at midnight on Sept. 14.

PC players will be able to begin preloading the game globally at 1:00pm ET/ 10:00am PT/ 6:00pm BST on Sept. 12.

Deathloop File Size

Bethesda has also revealed the file size for the game on both PS5 and PC.

Those on PC will require at least 30 GB available space on their hard drive disk or Solid State Drive (SSD). The latter will give you much shorter load times and generally improve performance.

The Deathloop PS5 file size has been revealed to be 29.984 GB. Thanks to PlayStation Game Size over on Twitter for providing this new install size for the game.

When Deathloop Unlocks on PS5 & PC

For PS5 players, Deathloop will unlock at 12:00am (midnight) in your timezone on Sept. 14.

The unlock time for Deathloop on PC is a little different depending on your region. We’ve listed the information below:

  • North/ South America: Unlocks at 9:01pm Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01am ET, September 14)
  • Australia/New Zealand/Asia: Unlocks at 8:01am Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01am JST, September 14)
  • Europe/Rest-of-world: Unlocks at 4:01pm Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01am BST, September 14)

That’s everything you need to know about the Deathloop file size, preload and unlock times on PS5 and PC. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or be sure to visit our upcoming guide wiki closer to launch for all your guiding needs.

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