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Red Dead Online Lobby Organizes an Amazing Trail Ride to Mount Hagen


Red Dead Online Lobby Organizes an Amazing Trail Ride to Mount Hagen

One of the coolest parts about the Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player story campaign is that you get to experience what riding together in a group of people was like back in the old west. You’d work together to provide for the overall camp, hunting, working, and surviving together as a group. 

In Red Dead Online, this isn’t really as much of a focus. Sure, you can play with your friends and even meet new people to form a new posse, but it isn’t very easy. People often either only want to play story missions or end up focus their time griefing other players, shooting at them unrelentingly, even if unprovoked. 

That is what makes the story that was posted to the Red Dead Online subreddit so impressive. In the post, user LDG192 told the story of how they were able to get their entire lobby to not only get together and not kill one another but also managed to form a trail ride to watch the sunset together. 

According to the user, the group started in the Heartlands, as the entire lobby gathered together before setting off. The trip took the group through the forest and snow and past Strawberry, ending at Mount Hagen, where a glorious sunrise greeted them. 

It’s a small but lovely story of cooperation in a game that usually devolves into chaos, and is surely one that these players won’t forget anytime soon. If you’ve got any similar stories in Red Dead Online, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. 

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