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Madden 22: How to Use a QB Spy

qb spy madden 22

Madden 22: How to Use a QB Spy

The QB Spy is a crucial, defensive tactical play that’ll help you keep your opponent’s Quarterback at bay. The QB Spy normally puts one of your defensive lineman or linebackers in charge of covering a small zone where they’ll keep an eye on where the QB is going. They’ll mimic their actions and generally move into a position to tackle them if they start making an offensive run. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to use a QB Spy in Madden 22.

As we noted above, the QB Spy is an incredibly handy defensive tool that’s very popular to use amongst Madden players, particularly in online games. It’s key that you make the most of your QB Spy against opponents who have a quick and mobile QB who’s going to otherwise cause problems for your defense.

Using a QB Spy in Madden 22

To use a QB Spy in Madden 22, open up the Preplay and then go to change a specific player’s assignment. As we mentioned before, a defensive lineman or linebacker tends to be your best option to assign as a QB spy.

Once you’ve selected a player, you will want to flick the right analog stick in the direction listed for a QB Spy. This is left on the right analog stick. Doing this will change that player’s assignment.

The only other thing you need to be aware of is knowing when to swap a player onto a QB Spy assignment, but this will come with practice in Madden 22, and within the opening melees in a match against your opponent.

There’s not a whole lot more you need to know on how to use a QB Spy in Madden 22. For more tips, tricks and frequently asked questions answered, search Twinfinite for Madden 22.

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