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15 Video Game Twists We Still Can’t Get Over


15 Video Game Twists We Still Can’t Get Over

Spoiler Warning: This article contains details that can be considered spoilers for main stories that happen in the following video games. If you consider the knowledge that a game has a twist a spoiler itself, and are worried about that, we don’t recommend reading this article.

A good, jaw-dropping twist is an important piece of storytelling, and video games are no exception. Sure, the gameplay is king, but there’s nothing that instigates an impassioned freak out more than a plot development you hadn’t dreamed of seeing unfold.

So, that leads to an important question: what are some of the most iconic twists in video game history? What moments made you jump out of your chair, nearly choke on whatever food or beverage you have, and hastily call up your friends out of both excitement and confusion? What plot twists truly made you feel truly alive, you know? Let’s kick the tires and get right into it!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Best Video Game Twists

Video game twists

Given the fact it’s one of the biggest entertainment properties on the planet, the world of Star Wars has had plenty of stories that made their mark in the video game medium. Knights of the Old Republic is perhaps the apex example of the many, many attempts made. It served as an extension to an already-lush universe — one that opted for showing us events from a period far before the iconic original films took place — and with its own ideas, from branching dialogue choices to different character relationships. It’s something developer Bioware would further succeed upon in the future with its acclaimed Mass Effect series.

But maybe the most memorable thing to come from Knights of the Old Republic was its shocking twist: that your character was actually a Sith lord. Indeed, the player’s main character was originally a powerful Sith lord named Darth Revan, but was unaware of it due to the Jedi having erased his memory. It’s a detail you never quite think about too much in the early going, given that you awaken on a Republic ship and are being attacked by another Sith lord’s forces, Darth Malak, and simply assume there isn’t any kind of connection. With such a detail revealed, it puts everything the player has done up to this point in an entirely new context — something the designers sought out from the beginning — and makes the branching paths between the light and dark side all the more impactful.

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