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Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Baal

genshin impact baal

Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Baal

Genshin Impact contains a number of boss battles that can be challenging if you’re not ready for them. A few new ones have been added in the 2.0 update, and the fight against Baal is one of them. If you need some tips, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to defeat Baal in Genshin Impact.

How to Defeat Baal in Genshin Impact

First of all, it’s important to note that this boss fight is actually unwinnable. The catch, though, is that you have to actually fight Baal for real until a cutscene takes over when she loses a quarter of her health. If you die too early, you’ll be repeating the fight.

Make sure that you have a proficient healer like Bennett, Qiqi, or Jean for this one because, as the Raiden Shogun, Baal hits hard with tons of Electro moves. Ranged characters like Ganyu, Klee, and Ningguang are the best fits for this fight. Avoid using Electro characters if you can since Baal is immune to all attacks of that element.

If you’re using one of Genshin Impact’s close-range characters, try to get hits in on Baal then retreat regularly. Don’t stand next to Baal for too long, or you’ll regret it. Diluc, Hu Tao, Ayaka, Eula, Kazuha, and Noelle are good options here if you have any of them.

Genshin Impact Baal Attack

Baal will start off by zipping around the battlefield at lightning speed while using wide, sweeping electric slashes that’ll hit you if you don’t keep a safe distance or have a character that creates shields. Baal also calls down lightning from the sky to strike the area around her.

You’ll know that the fight is almost over when Baal activates her Vision Hunt Decree, which prevents all of your characters from using their elemental moves. At this point, just dodge as many attacks as possible until the fight ends with a cutscene.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Baal in Genshin Impact. You can check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other general info on the game.

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