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5 Things to Do After Beating Scarlet Nexus


5 Things to Do After Beating Scarlet Nexus

Start New Game Plus

Things to Do After Beating Scarlet Nexus

after beating scarlet nexus

Scarlet Nexus has a new game plus feature called EX New Game that becomes available after your first completed playthrough as either Yuito or Kasane. EX New Game allows you to start a new playthrough while retaining all of your items, outfits, accessories, weapons, player levels, and Brain Points for the skill tree.

And that’s not even the best part — you can start an EX New Game as either protagonist, even the one you haven’t played as yet. Sure, it’ll make the game a lot easier from the get-go, but it saves a lot of time and grinding, especially when it comes to filling up your Brain Map skill tree. However, one main thing that doesn’t carry over is bonds, so you’ll need to increase your bond levels all over again.

EX New Game is the best way to enjoy the game a second time if you’re just looking to understand the other half of the story by playing as the other protagonist. But you can always increase the difficulty to give yourself a bit more of a challenge gameplay-wise as well.

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