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These Are the Best User Creations in Game Builder Garage So Far

super mario kart game builder garage

These Are the Best User Creations in Game Builder Garage So Far

Game Builder Garage is Nintendo’s latest game for the Switch and, it’s all about introductory courses on game design. Creative players constantly blow us away with how talented they can be when they are given any kind of custom designer, and Game Builder Garage is no different.

The software has introductory lessons for people who are brand new to designing games, but there is also a free programming mode to allow more experienced designers to let their creativity run wild. Even though Game Builder Garage is only a few days old, we’re already seeing incredibly impressive user-created games appearing.

Many players are having fun recreating their favorite games in Game Builder Garage and even adding their own twist on them. It’s truly amazing what people can create in such a short time given the creative tools to do so.

Here are a few of our favorite user creations in Game Builder Garage so far.


Remember Nintendogs from the days of the DS? Twitter user ichirin_anemone decided to recreate Nintendogs within Game Builder Garage.

It has adorable dog who runs around the room performing tricks, and you can even play with it using a toy. If dogs aren’t your preferred animal, the creator made it so you can replace it with a cat or a horse.

If you’d like to try ichirin_anemone’s Nintendogs on Game Builder Garage, the game ID is G 004 5JR 906.

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