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Scarlet Nexus: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

scarlet nexus tips

Scarlet Nexus: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Looking for some useful advice at the start of your journey in Scarlet Nexus? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This game throws a lot of concepts and mechanics at you, so it can be tough to know what to focus on. Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners in Scarlet Nexus.

Deactivate Your SAS Powers

Scarlet Nexus Tips for Beginners

scarlet nexus tips

This may sound like an odd one at first, but trust me. The game allows you to use your teammates’ special abilities in combat. Scarlet Nexus start you off nice and easy with one power to manage, but this tip is for when combat expands beyond that. Once you get a full team, managing the meters tied to each power can become overwhelming.

Always remember to deactivate the SAS abilities that you aren’t using so that your meters aren’t running out for no reason. For example, you’ll get into serious trouble if Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance runs out when you need to see invisible enemies.

Eventually, you’ll be able to activate up to four SAS abilities at once, which can be hard to keep track of. Instead of deactivating them one at a time, simply hold RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation, then press the right stick to turn them all off.

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