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Nintendo E3 2021 Predictions: What to Expect

nintendo 2021 e3 predictions

Nintendo E3 2021 Predictions: What to Expect

It’s 2021 and E3 is finally back. It’s been tough for years for the iconic gaming show between the show leaking out personal information of attendees, combating Covid-19 in 2020, and publishers starting to pull out and do their own thing. Still, in spite of all that, E3 2021 is trucking along and aiming to continue to be a major event for video game news. With most of the big publishers attending, including Nintendo, E3 2021 looks to be in decent shape as we stand today. So there’s no reason not to keep the tradition going here and dive into some predictions for Nintendo’s E3 2021 conference.

Whether it’s through E3 proper, or their big Nintendo Directs around E3 time, Nintendo is usually eager to let loose a nock of big news this time of year. In 2021, new game reveals, details on what the big IPs are up to, and even possibly new consoles are on the table. Let’s run through a few of our big and bold predictions for what Nintendo may show at E3 2021.

Just a note, this isn’t a list of everything we think will be shown at E3 this year by Nintendo. For example, the new Mario Golf: Super Rush is definitely going to get some love since it’s so close to release. Instead, we’re going to focus more on the speculative side of things to keep things fun and interesting.

An Acknowledgment of 40 Years of Donkey Kong

Nintendo E3 2021 Predictions

You would be forgiven for completely forgetting that it’s the 40th anniversary of Donkey Kong this year. Nintendo hasn’t really said anything about the monkey that helped propel Mario into stardom. While this could be a case of Nintendo forgetting or just not caring, they have done this before, I’ll go out and a limb and say that they do have something planned, but they may just be holding it for E3.

It has been seven years since the last Donkey Kong game, Tropical Freeze, originally debuted on the Wii U. While it did get re-released on the Switch, Nintendo’s latest console has yet to see a proper new entry in the franchise.

While other franchises, such as Kirby, are a bit overdue as well, at least Kirby did get a new game a few years ago. It would definitely be surprising to see Nintendo let the 40th anniversary come and go and not announce something new for Donkey Kong, especially when it’s incredibly due for a new game.

It may be a new game, or maybe it will just be cameos, collaborations, partnerships, or some re-releases on the Switch, but expect something.

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