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How to Get Melee Master Medal in CoD Mobile

cod mobile melee master medal

How to Get Melee Master Medal in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 4 is well and truly underway, and that means there’s plenty of new content to check out. One of the new additions comes in the form of the limited-time Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenge event, which tasks players with completing a number of challenges to earn a Sickle melee weapon. As part of these challenges, you’ll need to earn a Melee Master Medal in CoD Mobile, so here’s how to complete it.

How to Get the Melee Master Medal in CoD Mobile

To get the Melee Master Medal, players must get four kills with a melee weapon in a single match. This has to be done in a Battle Royale (BR) match, and not a standard multiplayer game, so keep this in mind when searching for a match.

Another quick tip to help you get the Melee Master Medal fast is to select ‘Classic’ from the BR settings screen, and then choose ‘Solo’ and ‘FPP’ from the bottom of the screen.

This will put you in a Solos first-person perspective match. While this may take some getting used to, we recommend doing this because you’ve got a higher chance of getting bots in this less popular mode, making it easier to get the four melee kills you need to earn the medal.

Upon earning the Melee Master medal, you’ll tick off some of your progress towards the new Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenge. This medal, in particular, earns players the unique Punk Skull spray, and completing all of the Razor Sharp challenges will earn players the Sickle, a rather stylish melee weapon.

All Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenges

  • Play 3 Multiplayer Matches
  • Kill 15 Enemies in MP Matches with the Dead Silence Perk Equipped
  • Kill 20 Enemies in MP Matches with the Quick Fix Perk Equipped
  • Kill 5 Enemies with Melee Weapons
  • Earn the Melee Master Medal once in BR Matches (excluding Warfare)

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the Melee Master Medal in CoD Mobile. For more tips, tricks and guides, see more of our coverage on the game below.

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