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Last of Us Part II Fan Film Project Spores Looks Insanely Realistic


Last of Us Part II Fan Film Project Spores Looks Insanely Realistic

The Last of Us series continues to take the entertainment medium by storm, as its video games and an upcoming television series are all anyone can talk about. Unfortunately for those of you that are dying for more content, the remake and HBO adaptation are still a while out. Luckily, there is something that can hold you over till then: a fan film going by the name of Project Spores.

Depicting the events of The Last of Us Part II, this fan project is a collaborative effort between cosplayers to help bring their favorite Naughty Dog game to life. You can see a teaser from Project Spores below.

The Youtube description for the project described it in the following way:

Welcome to your very first small glimpse into what we are. What is Project Spores? This is a massive collaborative project between cosplayers, photographers and creatives alike aiming to bring The Last of Us series by Naughty Dog to life in our own way. Through both video and photos we will be exploring the different characters and the details of their extraordinary lives outside of what we see in the games. Whilst we will be releasing a lot of varied content on our socials, we’ll ultimately be releasing a final “fan film” which will be on this very channel. But for now, check out this small teaser from one filming session and get excited for all good things to come…

If you’re interested in learning more about Project Spores, the creators have promised to keep posting updates to both their Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter pages. We’ve also put all of the behind-the-scenes images they’ve been posting right down below for your convenience as well.

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