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DDLC Plus: Can You Save Yuri? Answered

save yuri DDLC plus

DDLC Plus: Can You Save Yuri? Answered

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is here and it’s ready to mind F us once again. Uh, I mean, we’re ready to ready some poems with some cute girls that have nothing bad happen to them ever? Everything is great in the literature club! Who are we kidding, if you’re here, you already know what’s going to go down, and are likely looking for a way to save Yuri from her grisly demise.

Warning: spoilers are ahead. If you somehow got here by accident, please click away now to avoid any further hints.

Can You Save Yuri in DDLC Plus?

While Doki Doki Literature Club Plus has a number of side stories that can be unlocked by playing through and seeing all of the scenes of the main DDLC Plus story, the actual main story is the same as it was in the free PC version. What this means is that there isn’t anything different that will play out this time, and the fate of Yuri and the other Dokis are the same.

Essentially, Yuri is will end up stabbing herself no matter what you do, and you’ll once again be stuck with her all weekend long (be sure to use the skip function when this happens by the way). There’s nothing that you could have done, or said, to have prevented this from happening despite the choices you make along the way.

However, there is a secret ending that you can obtain that will change the final ending of the game, and while it does still involve seeing Yuri kill herself, you can at least end on a happier note.

This secret good ending is a lot more positive than the normal ending, and while it’s still not perfect (the Dokis sadly will never enter our reality, which would, of course, be the true good ending), it’s a hell of a lot nicer.

If you’d like to see how to get the good ending, you can view our guide for that right here. Getting it is a bit of a technical process, so it’s worthy of a guide of its own and another round of spoiler checks, as we will need to spoil the final ending of the game in order to properly explain it. And that might be more than what you signed up for when stumbling onto this guide.

That’s all you need to know for whether or not you can save Yuri in DDLC Plus. Once again, while Yuri will die horribly no matter what you do, you can still get a happier ending for Yuri and the Dokis. If you don’t mind spoilers for the ending of the game, you can check out how to do that here.

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