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DDLC Plus: Inbox and Mail Explained

mail inbox DDLC Plus

DDLC Plus: Inbox and Mail Explained

The original Doki Doki Literature Club was filled with easter eggs, hidden secrets, and some dark undertones. Yes, in addition to just straight up being a psychological horror game, it hid even more dark content in its game files. The console version of DDLC Plus operates a bit differently since it’s not running on your PC, so you can’t easily poke around the files. However, in this guide, we’ll do our best to explain what’s going on with the in-game Mail inbox that exists in DDLC Plus which seems to also be hiding something dark and twisted.

Spoiler warning: In this guide, we’re going to be talking about the events of DDLC Plus and the mail you receive in-game. If you just want a quick minimal spoiler explanation: basically the emails are coming from “the real world” and hint at some twisted experiments.

What the Inbox and Mail Does in DDLC Plus

DDLC Plus contains an in-game desktop where you can access various neat features such as pictures, poems, and concept art that you can set as your background. You can also listen to music and set playlists too.

However, it also contains a very mysterious Inbox, presumably for mail. But who are you emailing or getting mail from exactly while on your pretend Desktop playing Doki Doki Literature Club?

At the time of this writing, we don’t know the exact mechanism for how the mail comes in, but as you play through the main campaign and unlock/complete side stories, you’ll start getting mail from a company known as Metaverse Enterprise Solutions. You’re on the receiving end of mail, mostly from an engineering team, working on a secret simulation project.

We don’t want to spoil the content entirely in this article, especially since we’re not exactly sure if we have the full story yet. But needless to say, something really shady is going on with the Dokis, especially Monika, given her enhanced awareness. That doesn’t appear to be an accident if you get our drift.

For anyone who followed the under-the-surface lore of DDLC closely, this shouldn’t come as a shock. If you’re unaware and would like to get a bit of a primer to better understand what might be going on with the mail that you get in your Inbox in DDLC, check out this video from The Game Theorists which does an excellent job of breaking it all down, spoiler warning though! Definitely complete the main campaign at least once before watching. Also, give our fully-scored review a read if you’re interested on our thoughts about DDLC Plus.

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