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6 DLC Characters That Should Make the Cut in Mario Golf: Super Rush


6 DLC Characters That Should Make the Cut in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, bringing six courses and 17 characters (including your Mii) to keep you entertained across its Speed, Standard, and Battle Golf modes. Of course, while 17 characters did make the cut, there are some classics from both inside and out of the Mushroom Kingdom’s confines that deserve some relaxation time on the course.

Below, you’ll find our picks for six characters that we’d love to see become Mario Golf: Super Rush DLC. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Shy Guy

mario golf super rush dlc

If there’s any member of the Mushroom Kingdom that needs to get more involved in these kinds of social excursions, it’s our little masked buddy, Shy Guy.

The guy is literally so shy it’s in his name… in fact, it’s all of his name! Donning a mask to hide his face, the community has long pondered what lies beneath. But we’re digressing a bit here (though what a mystery it is!).

Shy Guy’s always been the technical player in the Mario’s sporting outings, and you just know that he’s a master of spin and control on the golf course, even if his drive distance may be lacking.

Still, given Shy Guys has long been a part of the Mario sports spin-offs, his absence from Mario Golf: Speed Rush’s roster is a disappointing one. He could even bring a Sherbet Land-inspired course with him as part of his DLC.

C’mon Nintendo, do the right thing and add our boy in. It’s these kinds of things he needs to be invited to if we have any hope of coaxing him out of his shell!

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