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Returnal Promethean Insulators: How to Walk on Lava

returnal walk on lava

Returnal Promethean Insulators: How to Walk on Lava

If you, like me, have tried to walk on lava in Returnal and watched as Selene’s suit integrity is drained, you’re probably wondering exactly how you’re supposed to navigate these areas. Lava often comes in areas where your dash is disabled, too, so unless there’s a grappling hook point for your Icarian Grapnel, you’re left having to just tank damage. There is another way, though, and that’s to get the Returnal Promethean Insulators instead.

Walking on Lava in Returnal

The Promethean Insulators are a permanent upgrade that allows you to walk on lava in Returnal and also incredibly cold waters. But unlike the Icarian Grapnel, Atropian Blade and Hadal Ballasts, you can actually miss getting the Promethan Insulators altogether.

Getting Returnal Promethean Insulators

To get the Promethan Insulators, you’ll need to reach the fifth biome called Fractured Wastes. Here, you’ll find a central hub room with a number of other rooms coming off it. What you’re looking out for here is an optional door (marked with a dark blue triangle on your map) that will always require an Atropian Key to open.

If you head through this door you’ll come across a room of lava with a few platforms. Jump across these and then use your Icarian Grapnel to reach the other side of the room.

Here you’ll find a little pedestal jutting out of the ground holding the Promethean Insulators. This will now allow you to walk on lava and get all those goodies that have eluded you on the other side of those optional rooms. No more watching Selene collapse to the ground the moment her pinky touches the red-hot stuff.

That’s everything you need to know to walk on lava in Returnal. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki.

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