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Returnal: How to Translate Xenoglyphs

returnal xenoglyphs

Returnal: How to Translate Xenoglyphs

Returnal is a brand new PS5 exclusive game from developing studio Housemarque, best known for their work on games like Nex Machina and Resogun. Returnal is on a whole other level, though, as this is a triple-A roguelite title with fully-fledged gun combat and in-depth mechanics. There are also tons of collectibles to look for as you get through your runs. Here’s how to translate Xenoglyphs in Returnal.

Translating Xenoglyphs in Returnal

As you make your way through the various biomes, you’ll inevitably come across glowing red glyphs on the walls. You can interact with these, but you won’t be able to actually translate them to learn more about the alien planet. To do that, you’ll need to find Xenoglyph Ciphers, which are also glowing red symbols that you can find in various rooms.

The tricky thing about Ciphers is that their locations will always change between runs. You can always find a set number of them in each biome, but the specific room it’s located in will change. With that in mind, make sure to scour every biome you enter thoroughly before moving forward so that you don’t miss out on any Ciphers.

returnal xenoglyphs

Interacting with Xenoglyph Ciphers will improve your translation skills, and allow you to translate the Xenoglyphs located in that biome. Your Xenoglyph progress will carry over between playthroughs, and finding and discovering 10 of the Ciphers and glyphs will also reward you with a trophy.

These aren’t necessary for progressing in the game and making it to the end, but they’re still a nice collectible for folks who want to achieve 100% completion even after the credits roll, and are worth picking up as you come across them.

That’s all you need to know about how to translate Xenoglyphs in Returnal. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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