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Resident Evil Village: How to Make Shotgun Ammo


Resident Evil Village: How to Make Shotgun Ammo

Wield the shotgun with some assurance.

Resident Evil Village brings a new survival horror experience starring the world’s unluckiest man, Ethan Winters. Capcom is great at what it does, putting together a world full of danger and intrigue. With so many supernatural foes lying in wait, you most certainly need to learn how to defend yourself. Having the right weapon is great, but having no ammo can mean a death sentence. If you are a fan of the Shotgun, then you might be wondering about how to make Shotgun ammo in Resident Evil Village. Do not worry, we have you covered in the following guide.

How to Make Shotgun Ammo in Resident Evil Village

With the Shotgun being one of the better weapons you can use in the game, there is no doubt that you will run out of ammo if you are not prudent with its use. However, you are able to craft more ammo for the Shotgun with the right recipe and the right ingredients.

Players looking to main the Shotgun in Resident Evil Village will need to make a deal with the Duke. For 3,000 Lei, you can purchase the recipe for Shotgun ammo crafting in the game. Once you know what to do to give yourself more ammo, you are better prepared for the combat ahead. You will need 1 x Gunpowder, 2 x Rusted Scrap, and 1 x Chem Fluid in order to craft more Shotgun ammo.

This key tip about how to make Shotgun ammo in Resident Evil Village will keep you safer as you come up against increasingly dangerous foes. If you find yourself needing more help, be sure to jump into our guide wiki for more tips and information on Resident Evil Village. There is also more related content found below. If there are any particular questions that you need an answer to, hit us in the comments below as well. We will try our best to find you the answers.

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