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Hood Outlaws & Legends: How to Use Winches

Hood Outlaws & Legends How to Use Winches

Hood Outlaws & Legends: How to Use Winches

The combat in Sumo Digital’s latest game may be a ton of fun, but it isn’t the only task between you and victory. You’ll still need to know how to use winches in Hood Outlaws & Legends in order to claim the treasure you managed to capture from the state and keep it safe from rival gangs.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the subject. Below you’ll find plenty of info on how to use these objects quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Winches in Hood Outlaws & Legends

As a quick reminder, Winches are only interactable after you’ve successfully secured the map’s treasure and brought it to the dock.

After you’ve done this, the map’s Winch will become interactable. You can then use it by walking up to one of its sides and pressing the X button on PlayStation consoles or the A button on Xbox consoles. This will see your character turn the Winch’s crank, filling a progress bar over time that measures how close the treasure is to being lifted onto your escape boat.

While using the crank, you won’t be able to move or carry out other actions. Attempting to do anything else will see you stop using it, and prevent the progress bar from filling up further.

How to Turn the Winch Faster

This can seem like a painstakingly long process, so it’s understandable if you’re wondering whether or not you can speed it up. Fortunately, there are a few ways to turn the Winch faster in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

One way is to hold down the R2 button on PlayStation consoles or RT on Xbox consoles. This will see your character turn the crank more quickly at the cost of your stamina. once your stamina is depleted, you’ll then return to cranking it at normal speed and will need to wait until your stamina recharges to speed up again.

You can also automatically turn the Winch faster if you’re playing as either the Mystic or the Brawler. This is because melee characters have a passive boost to the speed they turn it at, and this boost remains active whether or not you’re out of stamina.

Finally, you can speed up the process by having two different players turn the Winch at once. There are handles on each side of the device no matter which map you’re playing on, and using both at the same time expedites the process dramatically.

That’s all there is to know about how to use Winches in Hood Outlaws & Legends. For more on the game, check out our other guides on topics like how to raise Character Ranks and whether or not the game is single-player.

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