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Destiny 2 Tying it All Together Quest Guide

tying it all together

Destiny 2 Tying it All Together Quest Guide

Destiny 2’s transmog system is here and players can finally start making their Destiny 2 guardians look the way that they want. Well, at least you can a couple of times of seasons after a massive grind and time sink, but that’s an article for another day. If you’re here, you’re probably still stuck on the Destiny 2 Tying it All Together quest that introduces transmog. The quest step is poorly explained in-game, but we’re here to help tell you what you need to do to get past it.

Destiny 2 Tying it All Together Quest

So you’ve done the introductory mission for Tying it All Together, that is to say that you’ve gone to Braytech and picked up the Loom that Ada needs. That was easy.

After a long-winded monologue, Ada is ready to let you give the Loom a go. And, out of the goodness of her heart, she gives you six Synthweave materials for each class to let you have one free transmog armor set without having to grind for it. Sounds great, right?

Well, the problem is when you go to use the loom for the first time… you can’t even interact with it. It just either isn’t interactable and/or it requires materials you haven’t farmed yet. So what gives?

Well as we mentioned above, the quest step is poorly explained. Ada makes it seem like she wants you to use the Loom, but you actually can’t yet.

Using the Synthweave

To transmog your materials, you actually need to open the character screen, press down, and then in this area of the character screen, there will be a new section for Character Appearance. It is here that you can select your current armor and then browse different ornaments from your collection that you can use a Synthweave for to add it to your ornament collection permanently. Then, if you wish, you can go ahead and slap it on like you would any ornament from this screen.

After you’ve used at least one Synthweave, you will be all done with the Destiny 2 Tying it All Together Quest. Hopefully, that helped and you can continue on with your Destiny 2 transmog adventures. It’s a long grind, so hop to it.

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