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Biomutant: How to Upgrade Resistance

biomutant upgrade resistance

Biomutant: How to Upgrade Resistance

The world of Biomutant is one filled with dangers and hazardous areas. While you’re leveling your character up, you can also upgrade your resistance to these various hazards. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to upgrade resistance in Biomutant. We’ll also explain how to get Bio Points in Biomutant, as you’ll need these to build up that resistance.

Upgrading Resistance in Biomutant

  1. Open up the Radial Menu

    This is done by pressing the Menu/ Options button.

  2. Select ‘Character’ and then go to ‘Mutations’

  3. Choose ‘Resistance’

    You’ll now be shown all the different hazards you can increase your resistance to.

  4. Select the Resistance you want to upgrade and press A/X/ LMB.

    As long as you have the required Bio Points, you’ll increase that Resistance by 10%.

Upgrading your resistance in Biomutant is important, as the higher your resistance, the longer you’ll be able to survive in areas of the world contaminated with these hazards.

When you enter an area contaminated with Radiation, for example, you’ll see a percentage start dropping from 100 down to 0 the longer you’re in there. Once it reaches 0, you’ll die. The speed at which the percentage dropped is slowed the higher your resistance.

It’s also worth noting that upgrading your Resistance will cost more Bio Points the higher that specific Resistance.

Getting Bio Points to Upgrade Resistance in Biomutant

Bio Points can be obtained from defeating Biocreep enemies, such as Morks, or by finding silver containers with a green glow emanating out of the top of them dotted around the world. We’ve included a screenshot of one of these containers below.

biomutant bio points, biomutant upgrade resistance

From our time in the game, these containers seem to be far more common than Biocreep enemies, and there is often at least one in built-up areas or buildings.

That’s everything you need to know on upgrading resistance in Biomutant. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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