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Biomutant “Explanation Trailer” Takes a Deep Dive Into a Strange Open-World


Biomutant “Explanation Trailer” Takes a Deep Dive Into a Strange Open-World

Biomutant sure is a unique-looking open-world RPG, from its vibrant sandbox to the bizarre, fuzzy mutants that inhabit it. And so if you were looking for a bit of a context as to what’s going on with developer Experiment 101’s long-awaited game then today’s trailer offers a deep dive into its unusual design.

Stefan Ljungqvist, Art and Creative Director at Experiment 101, narrates a six-minute presentation of Biomutant’s many open-world features, from character customization to crafting, as well as the Aura system and various other activities players are set to encounter throughout their adventure.

For more on Biomutant, you can read a recent excerpt from a larger interview that explains why the game has taken such a long time in development.

For those who would like to see a longer gameplay presentation of Biomutant then there’s a 30-minute sequence from back in 2019 that offers a better overview of the game’s premise and design here.

If you’re already sure you’re going to purchase Biomutant then you can also check out the various different special editions available for pre-order.

Biomutant is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 25, 2021.

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