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Biomutant: How to Sprint & Run Faster


Biomutant: How to Sprint & Run Faster

Your character isn’t the fastest thing in the mutated wild of Biomutant when you first start the game. As such, you’ll likely be wondering how to sprint and how to run faster in Biomutant, so you can get from A to B that little bit more quickly, and that’s what we’ll be covering in this guide.

How to Sprint

Sprinting in Biomutant is performed by pressing down the left analog stick (pressing and holding Shift on PC) and moving in the direction you want to go.

You’ll know that you’re successfully sprinting as your character will go onto all fours, as opposed to just walking about on their hind legs.

biomutant how to sprint

How to Increase Sprint Speed in Biomutant & Run Faster

To increase sprint speed in Biomutant, you’ll need to increase your ‘Agility’ attribute, and in turn your ‘Move Speed’ stat. This can be done each time you level up, by investing your ‘Available Point’ into the Agility attribute.

how to run faster in biomutant

Doing so will increase your general movement speed in Biomutant, making you more agile in combat, but also able to move around the world more quickly.

Use Mounts for Even Faster Travel

Sprinting doesn’t always feel that much quicker than just walking around the world, but that’s where Mounts come in.

You’ll come across plenty of Mounts during your time in Biomutant, and these can be summoned at any time by pressing down on the d-pad. Select the mount you want to use from the wheel that appears, and then release down d-pad and the analog stick to summon it.

Press Y/ Triangle/ E to climb aboard. You can then move around and even sprint on your mount to get around more quickly.

That’s how to sprint and run faster in Biomutant. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki.

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