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Biomutant: How to Turn Off Narrator Voice

biomutant narrator voice

Biomutant: How to Turn Off Narrator Voice

There’s a certain charm to the Biomutant Narrator. His British accent gives the events that unfold a real fairytale feel, and he acts as a translator during cutscenes to help you understand the gibberish noises the animals make. But sometimes, it’d just be nice if he quietened down. He’ll frequently make comments about your adventure, even out of cutscenes. Here’s how to turn off the narrator voice in Biomutant.

First off, it’s worth pointing that this method only turns off the narrator from making comments as you explore the world. He’ll still pipe up during cutscenes to ‘translate’ what the NPC you’re talking to is saying. We have another method further down for silencing him entirely.

Turning Off Narrator Voice in Biomutant

To turn off the narrator voice in Biomutant, you want to head to the Settings menu and then navigate over to the Audio tab.

biomutant narrator voice

Here, under ‘Frequency’ you’ll find a ‘Narrator’ option. This adjusts how often the narrator speaks. Turn this right down to 0, and the narrator will only talk during cutscenes and dialogue sections.

If you’d like to silence the narrator completely — and by that we mean even in cutscenes — under the ‘Volume’ section on the Audio tab, turn the ‘Speech’ option right down to 0. This essentially mutes the narrator throughout the entirety of the game.

Though, after a while you might actually miss him. If you do, you can always navigate back to this option and turn it back the Speech volume back up to have him chirping away at you once more.

That’s everything you need to know to turn off narrator voice in Biomutant. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki.

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