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Biomutant: How to Get Money (Green) Fast

biomutant green money

Biomutant: How to Get Money (Green) Fast

Green is the primary currency in Biomutant. No, no, your furry creature can’t smoke this stuff and have a wavy, wavy time, but they can buy improved weapons, armor, and other handy items to aid them on their quest to save the Tree of Life. The problem is, the game doesn’t really explain how to get Green until you actually come across the method, leaving you a little lost in its opening hours. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get money in Biomutant, so you can get buying all that fancy gear.

Getting Green in Biomutant

The main way to get Green in Biomutant is to find a Greenleaf Plant.

biomutant greenleaf plant

These are orange-leaved plants, with some green leaves in the center of a loop. When you find a Greenleaf Plant (pictured above), walk over to it and then jump through the loop to collect the leaf.

Doing so will earn you 350 Green which can then be spent on some new gear at vendors.

how to get green in biomutant

There is another way to get Green in Biomutant, though, and it also includes the vendors.

Selling Old Gear to Vendors for Green

Whenever you help your chosen Tribe conquer some new territory, a number of vendors will set up shop there. You’ll also find these vendors randomly throughout the world, and you can interact with each of them to buy their wares.

However, you can also select an option to sell any weapons, armor, or crafting parts you’re not using for Green. The amount of Biomutant Green you can sell them for is shown next to the item’s name in your inventory.

biomutant green

You can increase the amount of Green you get for selling items by leveling up your Charisma attribute when you level up. Increasing this raises your Barter stat, which then increases the amount of Green you earn from selling items, as well as reducing the prices of items you want to purchase.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Green in Biomutant. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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