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Outriders Item Stash Location: Where to Find Items When Inventory Full

outriders item stash

Outriders Item Stash Location: Where to Find Items When Inventory Full

Every weapon, armor piece, and crafting item that you pick up on your adventure in Outriders will be placed in your inventory. However, when this gets full, the game will send anything else you pick up to the Outriders Item Stash.

The Outriders Item Stash is where you’ll find all the items that you’ve picked up when your inventory is full. But how do you access all of these so you can get that sweet Epic armor piece that got hoovered into it after a particularly chaotic mission?

Where to Find the Item Stash in Outriders

The earliest Item Stash can be found in your Camp. Specifically, it’s right near the shard of glass and blades you can interact with to change your character appearance. It’s also marked on your map with a chest-like icon.

outriders item stash location

Once you’ve found it, all you need to do is walk over to it and press and hold X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to interact with and access the stash.

From there, you can move items from the stash into your inventory (once you’ve filled up some space).

There’s an item stash located at every Outriders Camp, across all regions of the game. So you won’t have to return to the very first camp in Rift Town every single time that you want to access your stash. They’re found at the start of each area.

As far as we’re aware, items will remain in the Item Stash indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about them ‘timing out’ after a certain amount of time has passed with them not being moved into your inventory.

There you have the Outriders Item Stash location. For more tips, tricks and guides, head on over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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