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Nier Replicant Runaway Son Quest: Where to Find the Old Man’s Son

Nier replicant the runaway son

Nier Replicant Runaway Son Quest: Where to Find the Old Man’s Son

’The Runaway Son’ is a quest in Nier Replicant that sees our protagonist having to reunite an old man and his son that keeps running away. Unfortunately, you can’t use the fast travel system for this quest either, so to cut down on the time it takes, we’ve outlined where to find the old man’s son in Nier Replicant’s ‘Runaway Son’ quest.

Nier Replicant Runaway Son Quest Guide

First things first, to start the quest, speak to the villager stood near the exit of the Southern Plains after you’ve returned from the Barren Temple with the King of Façade. He’s just across from the weapon shop.

Finding the Son in Seafront – Nier Replicant ‘Runaway Son’ Quest Guide

The first time the son goes missing, he can be found in Seafront, in the plaza across the way from the post office.

The son wants to thank the tavern owner for helping him, and requests you bring him five pieces of Mutton and three pieces of Goat Meat. The Northern and Southern Plains are your best places to farm these respectively.

When you return to the Tavern, the son has gone, but give the meats to the Tavern Owner and return back to the Old Man.

Finding the Son in Façade

After speaking with the Old Man, he’ll tell you to go back to Seafront. Talk to the guard at the entrance here and he’ll tell you that the son has moved on to Façade.

Here, you’ll need to look for two villagers stood next to one another, both with side quest markers above their heads. They’ll mention someone matching the son’s description moving into a nearby house.

Head to the door just to the right of them, and interact with it. The Runaway Son will come outside and then immediately flee into the desert… this guy!

Finding the Son in the Desert – Nier Replicant ‘Runaway Son’ Quest Guide

Follow the son into the desert and each time he stops, interact with him. Eventually, he’ll trigger an encounter with a pack of wolves, which you’ll of course need to save him from.

After saving him, he’ll finally return home, and you’ll be able to wrap up this quest.

There you have everything you need to know to complete the Nier Replicant ‘Runaway Son’ quest. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki.

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