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New Pokemon Snap: How to Take High-Scoring Photos

new pokemon snap high-scoring photos

New Pokemon Snap: How to Take High-Scoring Photos

Every photo you take in New Pokemon Snap will be given a score in points. The higher the score, the better the photo. But exactly how do you take high-scoring photos in New Pokemon Snap? We’ll break down the main factors and how you can use these to boost your photo’s scores below.

Taking High-Scoring Photos in New Pokemon Snap

There are six factors that will determine the points score your photos get in New Pokemon Snap. These are:

  • Pose – Use Fluffruit, play a Melody, throw Illumina Orbs or Scan your environment to make Pokemon strike new, unusual poses. The cooler the pose, the more score you’ll earn.
  • Size – Make sure the Pokemon is nice and big in the photo. Ideally, it should be the main subject of the photo, with nothing else larger in the frame. Avoid taking photos of Pokemon from a distance which makes them small and difficult to recognize in the photo.
  • Direction – Try and make sure that the Pokemon you’re taking a photo of is facing towards the camera for the highest possible score. If they’re facing away, you won’t score as much on this factor.
  • Placement – Get the Pokemon right in the center of the frame of your photo to get the most points possible from this factor. Photos where the Pokemon is over to the side or not completely in the frame will be penalized heavily.
  • Other Pokemon in the Photo – If you can get a photo where there are other Pokemon of the same species, you’ll get a hefty bonus to your score.
  • Background – This one we’re a little unsure on, as it’s not always scored. Our best guess right now is to try and make your background as pretty as possible. Having a glowing Crystabloom Flower in the background, for example, has led to us getting extra points from some of our photos. Similarly, having a clear background in a photo of a Corsola also saw us net extra points for background.

That’s everything you need to know on taking high-scoring photos in New Pokemon Snap. Check out our wiki for more tips and tricks, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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