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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get & Use Quality Fin

monster hunter rise quality fin

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get & Use Quality Fin

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in Capcom’s action game series, and while there are a few new mechanics to learn, the bulk of the core gameplay loop remains the same. You’ll still be farming for rare resources to forge and upgrade your equipment, and some of the resources can a bit trickier to get, like the one we’re talking about today. Here’s how to get and use Quality Fins in Monster Hunter Rise.

Getting Quality Fin in Monster Hunter Rise

The Quality Fin is one of the slightly trickier resources to get in Monster Hunter Rise, as it only drops from a specific small monster in a specific zone, and you have to unlock High Rank quests and expeditions to get it.

The monster we’re talking about is the Delex, which can be found in the Sandy Plains level. However, as we mentioned previously, you need to have unlocked the High Rank expeditions in order to farm Quality Fins. This means that you need to complete all of the Low Rank key quests for the Hub in order to progress.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to start selecting the expedition tour option for the High Rank Sandy Plains, and start farming the Delex there.

The Delex are most commonly found in zones 9 and 10 of the Sandy Plains, so start an expedition and focus your efforts on those two areas to get as many Quality Fins as possible.

How to Use Them

Quality Fins are a crafting material used for forging and upgrading gear, and we’ve listed all of the equipment pieces down below that require it:

  • Delex Cleaver
  • Frozen Speartuna
  • Sand Blaster Gunlance
  • Jyura Mudblade
  • Vaik Mail
  • Vaik Greaves
  • Somnacanth Coil
  • Somnacanth Helm
  • Jyuratodus Greaves
  • Uroktor Coil
  • Uroktor Torso
  • Barroth Coil
  • Barroth Mail
  • Mizutsune Braces
  • Makluva Cover

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use the Quality Fin in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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