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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Firecell Stone

Monster Hunter Rise How to Get Firecell Stone

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Firecell Stone

If trying to figure out how to get firecell stones in Monster Hunter Rise has been giving you headaches, then rest assured you’re not alone. Like other higher quality crafting items, they can only be obtained while high rank, meaning they’re obtained through means you wouldn’t immediately suspect. Even then, knowing exactly where to look can trip you up if you’re not careful.

Luckily for you, we were in the same boat, and after hours of experimentation we’ve figured out where they’re found. Read on to find out where these fiery minerals are located and what they’re used for.

How to Get Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise

As mentioned above, you can only obtain Firecell Stones while playing high rank missions in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you’ve managed this feat though, there’s only one place where they’ll appear: The Lava Caverns.

Specifically, they’ll be minable from the mining outcrops in the area. They’ll appear from both the blue and white outcroppings, but will have a higher chance of spawning from the white ones.

As for where you can find said outcroppings, we have some good news: They’re littered throughout the entire Lava Caverns area, with as many as two appearing in or around each zone. To that end, you can travel to any zone and find a colored outcropping.

Once you spot one, simply interact with it by pressing the A Button. This will trigger the mining animation, and after a single blow you’ll receive all of the ores obtainable from the interaction.

What Firecell Stones Are Used for

As for what you can do with Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s pretty straight-forward.

By combining them with other crafting materials, you can make and upgrade weapons and armor. The gear you can make with these minerals is fairly high quality, and will help bring you one step closer to the story’s final missions as well as the endgame content.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has plenty of other tips and tricks on a variety of topics, including how to get Big Fins and what the Magnamalo’s weakness is. Likewise, you can check out some news related to Monster Hunter Rise down below.

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