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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get & Use Dreamshell

monster hunter rise dreamshell

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get & Use Dreamshell

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in Capcom’s popular action game series, and just like in past entries, you can hunt for rare resources to craft better gear in the game. Some resources are much trickier to get than others, though, so we’re here to help you out with those. Here’s how to get and use Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise.

Getting Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlike the majority of the resources in Monster Hunter Rise, Dreamshells can’t be obtained through the regular means of hunting monsters or foraging for them. Instead, you can only get them via the Trade Request function through the Argosy.

Once the Buddy Plaza becomes available to you, head over and talk to the NPC standing near the ship, and you’ll be able to start sending out Palicoes out on expeditions via the Argosy. While the Dreamshell itself isn’t selectable as an available resource via Trade Requests, you still have a chance of getting it when you select insects or mushrooms.

The chance of getting it is pretty low, so once you have more submarines available, you can send more Palicoes out on expeditions to increase your odds of getting a Dreamshell as a reward.

In addition to Argosy Trade Requests, you can also get them as rewards via 3-star Village quests or 2-star Hub quests, but your best bet would be to farm the Argosy once those are exhausted.

How to Use Dreamshells

As you might’ve guessed already, Dreamshells are used for forging and upgrading new gear. We’ve listed below all of the equipment in Monster Hunter Rise that require Dreamshells to craft:

  • Sleepy Shellbalde
  • Sleepy Shellgun
  • Sleepy Shellslice
  • Sleepy Shellsword
  • Schale Batis
  • Soporofic Shellgun
  • Soporific Shellblade
  • Waking Nightmare
  • S. Studded Sash
  • S. Studded Hat
  • S. Studded Gloves
  • S. Studded Vest
  • Shelled Sandals

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Dreamshells in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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