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5 Mods So Good They Deserve to Be Full-Length Games


5 Mods So Good They Deserve to Be Full-Length Games

As technology has progressed over the past two decades, so has gamer’s propensity to want to put their own spin on their favorite game via mods, altering aspects of the gameplay or visuals when implemented. And while some of these additions are simply for aesthetical reasons, there are plenty of mods that add so much content that they pretty much become their own experience.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of those mods, detailing which ones are so good that they deserve to be full-length games of their own at this point. 

Skyrim – Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Mods That Should Be Full Games

While The Forgotten City is likely the most popular Skyrim mod, even recently getting its own standalone game, Enderal: Forgotten Stories is more than deserving of praise as well. This add-on is a total conversion for the original game, creating its own immersive open-world with unique gameplay mechanics to explore. 

Enderal: Forgotten Stories takes players through a dark, psychological storyline, transporting them into multiple realities that takes up to around 30 to 125 hours of playtime to complete. Quests include plenty of interesting adventures, like trying to infiltrate an enigmatic cult ruling the Undercity in order to a stop to them. 

A completely overhauled skill system with classes and new abilities also helps set the game apart while still holding true to the style fans love about Skyrim. All of these unique elements combined make for an awesome game, let alone just a mod. 

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