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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Machalite Ore & What It’s Used For

monster hunter rise machalite ore

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Machalite Ore & What It’s Used For

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in Capcom’s popular action game series, and it’s a pretty great fit for the Switch, especially when you just want to go on expeditions to mine for resources and minerals to craft new items. Speaking of minerals. here’s how to get Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise and what it’s used for.

Machalite Ore is kind of a staple resource in the Monster Hunter series at this point, and it’s back in Monster Hunter Rise as well. You’ll be able to get it fairly early on in the game, once you unlock the Sandy Plains map.

Getting Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

You can unlock that map quickly by rushing through the first tier of Hub quests, which are a little tougher than the story-related Village quests. Once you beat all the 1-star Hub quests and complete the required urgent quest, the Sandy Plains will become available to you.

Once there, you can start mining white and blue mining outcrops for a chance to get Machalite Ore. Resource points will respawn over time as well, so make sure to double back to farm more after some time has passed.

Aside from the Sandy Plains, later biomes such as the Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns also have mining outcrops that can produce Machalite Ore, so just keep playing and you’ll get them eventually.

How to Use Machalite Ore

As you might’ve guessed already, Machalite Ore is required to upgrade and forge new gear. Some of the rarer armor and weapon pieces may require Machalite Ore alongside the relevant monster parts, so it’s best to farm as much as possible.

When you have all the materials you need, talk to the smithy in Kamura Village to get your new gear. Listed below are all of the weapons and armor that require this resource:

  • Buster Sword
  • Aknosom Blade
  • Kamura Blade
  • Gigant Makra
  • Kamura Spear
  • Aknosom Lance
  • Kamura Iron Axe
  • Axenosom
  • Sleepy Shellslice
  • Reversal Shot
  • Striker’s Bowgun
  • Rock Eater
  • Highpriest Bowgun
  • Dawn Ray Bow
  • Khezu Bow
  • Icicle Fang
  • Tetranadon Edge
  • Castello Saif
  • Hidden Saber
  • Distension
  • Plegis Needle
  • Azuros Axe
  • Daidalos Axe
  • Kamura Hunter Bowgun
  • Queen’s Longfire
  • Meteor Bazooka
  • Carom Shot
  • Kamura Iron Bow
  • Wroggi Revolver
  • Arko Nulo
  • Aknosom armor
  • Alloy armor
  • Ingot armor
  • Skull
  • Basarios armor
  • Khezu armor
  • Wroggi armor
  • Tetranadon armor
  • Rhenoplos armor

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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