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Loop Hero Resource Guide: How to Get All Resources, Shards & More

loop hero resource guide

Loop Hero Resource Guide: How to Get All Resources, Shards & More

Loop Hero is the latest deck-building rogue-lite RPG that got released on PC a couple weeks back, and has received tons of critical acclaim and praise for its unique gameplay elements. The game features tons of resources for you to farm, which you need a lot of if you’re planning on upgrade your town fully. Here’s how to get all resources in Loop Hero.

All Loop Hero Resources

There are lots of resources available in Loop Hero. Some are pretty easy to farm, such as stone and food, while others are a little more complicated, like Orbs of Expansion and Astral Orbs. There are resource caps in the first three acts, though that cap gets raised in subsequent acts, and no cap at all in the final one.

It’s recommended that you take some time to farm resources before properly tackling act 4, as you’ll definitely need some good structures to help support your run.

We’ve listed all available resources and methods of getting them in the table down below:

Loop Hero Resources
ResourceHow to Get
Astral OrbRare drop from cosmic enemies like vampire mages, watchers, prime matter, and tomes.
Book of MemoriesDrops from tomes and watchers, and obtained from card hand overflow. 10 Memory Fragments make up one Book, which can be obtained from Cemeteries.
Food SupplyDrops from scarecrows, or formed with 12 Ration units obtained from Meadows and Treasuries.
MetamorphosisFormed with 20 Noticeable Change units, which you get from transforming or combining tiles on the map.
Orb of AfterlifeFormed with 10 Pitiful Remains, drops from skeletons, ghosts, vampires, ghouls.
Orb of CraftsFormed with 10 Craft Fragments, drops from slimes, mimics, tomes, gargoyles, scarecrows, wood warriors.
Orb of EvolutionFormed with 10 Living Fabrics, drops from ratwolves, spiders, goblins, bandits, harpies, mosquitoes, scorch worms.
Orb of ExpansionRare drop from encounters with at least 5 enemies.
Orb of ImmortalityDrops from bosses.
Orb of UnityFormed with 10 Shapeless Mass, drops from slimes, blood clots, ghosts.
Preserved RockFormed with 10 Pebbles which are gotten from placing Rocks, Mountains, and Treasuries.
Stable MetalFormed with 13 Scrap Metal, which are gotten from inventory overflow and Treasuries.
Stable WoodFormed with 12 Stable Branches, drops from chests, mimics, golems, scarecrows, wood warriors, or from Forests, Groves, and Treasuries.

By farming all of these resources, you’ll be able to upgrade existing structures in your town, as well as build some of the late-game buildings.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all resources in Loop Hero. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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