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Loop Hero: How to Farm Astral Orbs


Loop Hero: How to Farm Astral Orbs

Developed by Four Quarters Team and published by Devolver Digital, Loop Hero is a new deck-building, rogue-lite RPG that got released for PC a couple weeks back. We enjoyed the game thoroughly and praised it for its unique blend of gameplay elements, though players should be warned that you’ll have to spend a bit of time farming resources to upgrade your town if you want to have an easier time beating the final boss. Here’s how to farm Astral Orbs in Loop Hero.

Farming Astral Orbs in Loop Hero

Astral Orbs are easily the rarest and most annoying resource to get in Loop Hero. If you take a look at our resource guide, you’ll see that we’ve noted that they can only be dropped by cosmic-type enemies, most of which you won’t even encounter unless you know what you’re doing and you know how to seek them out.

From our time with the game, we’ve found that there are two reliable ways of spawning cosmic enemies. The first is by using the Bookery and Vampire Mansion combo, and the second is by using Temporal Beacons.

Do note that you can only start farming Time Shards (10 will form one Astral Orb) from the second chapter onwards, though we recommend doing this in the third chapter as the resource cap is higher.

loop hero astral orbs

The first method requires the Bookery and Vampire Mansion cards, the former being unlocked only when you’ve built the Library in your camp.

Placed adjacent to the roadside, the Bookery will swap out the top three cards in your hand for three new ones, and it can perform 20 card exchanges before it becomes an Abandoned Bookery.

Whenever there’s an enemy within range of the Abandoned Bookery, a Tome enemy will spawn in the battle as well, and it has a chance of dropping a Time Shard for you, though do note that the drop rate is pretty low.

To make enemy spawns more consistent, consider placing a Vampire Mansion in range of the Abandoned Bookery to spawn a Vampire Mage, who is also considered a cosmic enemy, as well as other tiles like Groves to make sure you get a battle when passing by.

The second method requires the Temporal Beacon, which not only speeds up time, but can also spawn a Watcher during battles.

The tricky thing about Watchers is that they’ll flee from battle if all other enemies are defeated, so unless your hero targets them first, chances are you won’t be able to kill them for the Time Shard drop.

You can also place Temporal Beacons in range of an Abandoned Bookery to spawn Watcher Mages, who are less likely to flee.

Essentially, you want to make use of the Bookery as much as possible to spawn as many cosmic enemies as you can, so that your chances of getting Time Shards are higher.

What Astral Orbs Are Used For

Astral Orbs are required to upgrade the Gymnasium to the Academy (which gives you the Suburbs card) and build the Alchemist Tent, which lets you craft materials on your own.

That’s all you need to know about how to farm Astral Orbs in Loop Hero. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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