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It Takes Two: Is It PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Enhanced? Answered

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It Takes Two: Is It PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Enhanced? Answered

It Takes Two is here and players who are looking forward to an exciting co-op game that can be played either locally or online, then you are in luck. Reviews are looking great so far, and it’s even more ambitious than A Way Out, the previous game from developer Hazelight Studios. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if your fancy new PS5 or Xbox Series X|S will enhance It Takes Two. Here’s what you need to know.

Is It Takes Two PS5 Enhanced?

It Takes Two is indeed PS5 enhanced. The PS Store page for It Takes Two does confirm that this version of the game will be “enhanced” in some way.

While it doesn’t go into clear details as to what exactly the means, based on most other games, you can safely assume that it will have decreased load times and slightly crisper-looking visuals. This is in line with the PS4 Pro version of the game as well.

Is It Takes Two Xbox Series X|S Enhanced?

Like the Xbox One X version of It Takes Two, it isn’t exactly clear on whether or not the game benefits from being played on the Xbox Series X|S as compared to the last-gen version.

It would be strange if the PS4/PS5 versions of the game were enhanced and the Xbox family of consoles didn’t receive these same enhancements. If we had to guess, and we are guessing, the Xbox Series X|S versions at the very least should improve the load times and may also feature better visuals and overall performance as well but we cannot confirm that at this time.

Regardless of what you decide to play it on on, you’ll be able to invite a friend to play with you even if they don’t have a copy of the game. Likewise, as long as you stay within consoles families (IE: PS4 and PS5), it will feature cross-play as well.

Hopefully this helped cleared things up on whether It Takes Two will be PS5 and Xbox Series X|S enhanced. If we can find an answer on the latter, we’ll be sure to update this post.

For more on It Takes Two, be sure to check out our recent review.

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