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3 Ways Life Is Strange Needs to Improve Moving Forward


3 Ways Life Is Strange Needs to Improve Moving Forward

With the official announcement that Square Enix will soon unveil a brand new Life Is Strange game, it got us thinking about everything we’ve enjoyed about the series so far and what we think could be improved. Below are three things we want Life is Strange to improve moving forward in the series.

Shorter Gaps Between Episodes


While the Life Is Strange franchise has had a more consistent release schedule than most episodic games, the next installment in the series would seriously benefit from weekly releases. The current model of making the game as they go seems outdated, especially when you compare it to DontNod’s other recent series, Tell Me Why

DontNod actually completed development on Tell Me Why before they even released it. In doing so, they were able to release episodes every single week.

This approach is far more stable and satisfying, as you aren’t wondering what random day the next episode will drop since the full game hasn’t been made yet. 

At the very least, it would be nice if the next Life Is Strange game could narrow the gap to a month, as so much time in between episodes really kills the flow of the story. 

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