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Valheim: How to Dive

Valheim, How to Dive

Valheim: How to Dive

Being that Valheim is a game about Vikings, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if there are underwater gameplay elements to uncover. After all, seafaring is a huge part of the Viking mythos, and the game features the rather sizable Ocean biome to explore. As such, we set out to figure out how to dive in Valheim to make your water-based exploration a little easier, and have compiled what we’ve found in a detailed guide.

As it stands though, the answer probably isn’t what you were expecting to find.

How to Dive in Valheim

As it stands, there’s no specific control you can use to dive underwater in Valheim.

Instead, you can force your character underwater by jumping into a pool from an elevated point. This can be anything from the roof of a nearby structure to a cliff high above the coast, so long as you’ll gain some momentum on your way down.

After doing so, you’ll then have a limited amount of time to swim underwater and collect resources within your reach before being dragged back up to the surface of the water. This is done by pressing the E button while facing items that can be picked up. This can be tricky due to how fast you can be pulled up to the surface, so we recommend pressing the E button rapidly to ensure you pick up as much as possible.

It’s far from an ideal way to gather underwater resources, but it’s worth remembering that Valheim is still only in Early Access.

The game is still far from being a completed product, and its developers plan to add several more gameplay elements before its full version is released. Given that resources appear underwater, it’s very likely proper controls for underwater traversal are on that list.

Should such a mechanic be added in, we’ll update this guide appropriately.

Hopefully this cleared up how to dive in Valheim. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has a ton of other guides covering topics like how to level ground and how to cook meat.

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