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Valheim Eikthyr: How to Summon & Beat Eikthyr Boss Fight

valheim, how to Beat Eikthyr

Valheim Eikthyr: How to Summon & Beat Eikthyr Boss Fight

You aren’t given much in the way of direction when you first start Valheim, but one thing you are told is that you need to take down a handful of bosses. Here we’re going to explain how to summon and beat Eikthyr, the very first boss you’ll be taking on in Valheim.

Before we jump into the strategy, know that before you even think about taking on Eikthyr you’ll need to spend a fair bit of time in preparation. The first five or so hours of the game (possibly longer) are all about establishing your camp and exploring the Meadows biome to unlock various crafting recipes.

You really need to make sure you have Leather armor, a Crude Bow, Flaming Arrows, a Flint Knife or Spear, and plenty of food to eat before taking on Eikthyr. These are all items you’ll acquire simply by building basic structures using the resources you have gathered nearby, such as Wood, Stone, Flint, Leather Scraps, and Deer Hides.

Do not skip on your preparation otherwise beating Eikthyr will be extremely difficult.

How to Summon Eikthyr

To take on any boss in Valheim you’ll need to visit the stone circle (where you spawned at the beginning of the game), and give an offering. In the case of Eikthyr, this offering is x2 Deer Trophies, which are acquired by hunting and killing a stag.

You should have seen plenty of stags by now if you’ve been hunting deer for Deer Hides. The stags have antlers, and they’re a little harder to chase and kill than females.

Do note that once you have summoned Eikthyr he is there to stay. You will have to commit to finishing him off, and if you die he’ll still remain to patrol the same area where you fell, which means re-engaging him in order to retrieve your gear.

How to Beat Eikthyr in Valheim

Eikthyr is a big step up in difficulty from any enemy you’ve faced up until this point (unless you’ve been wandering off where you shouldn’t be). That being said, he’s fairly easy to take care of if you keep your distance and simply use your Crude Bow and Flaming Arrows.

Eikthyr has a melee attack and two lightning strikes, one of which shoots a zap of lighting forward, while the other is an AoE attack that will damage anything within a certain radius.

The trick is just to keep your distance and use ranged shots with your bow to keep chipping away at Eikthyr. If you have a Wooden Shield, this will be handy in case he gets too close. It should be enough to block his melee strike.

But again, ideally, you don’t want to be anywhere near Eikthyr. Just keep your distance and keep shooting. Eventually, he’ll fall and you’ll be able to pick up his trophy.

Now you want to bring the trophy back to the stone circle and hang it at the appropriate location. You’ll then be able to call on the power of Eikthyr whenever you want, which gives you a pretty handy buff.

For now, that’s everything there is to know about how to summon and beat Eikthyr in Valheim. If you’re after more useful tips and information on the game, Twinfinite has written dozens more guides, which you can find by using the search engine from the main menu. There should also be some related content down below you may find helpful.

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